Paralegal’s Perspective – Being a Paralegal in a Small Firm – ROCKS!

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As most paralegals know, a huge part of your job is to be your attorney’s assistant or “right hand,” as some may call it. Basically, keeping them on track and nudging them when things need to get done. Our law firm, since it consists of only five people, is very close knit. We all provide assistance to each other in various ways. My favorite thing about working in a small law firm like Terpening Law is that we are like a family. I know A LOT, some may think too much, about the people I work with, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Knowing and enjoying the company of the people you are around 50% of the time is key to a successful law firm and happy work life.

So, you may be thinking, what do you guys do that makes your firm life so great? Of course, we do the typical things such as meeting deadlines, keeping up with social media/marketing, strategizing for upcoming court appearances and filing deadlines, binders, motions, edits to filings and motions, more edits to filings and motions, finding and marking exhibits, and then top it all off with some stress about actually filing. However, on top of that, we go out to lunch together, dinner together, we know each other’s spouses, we laugh together, and to me, that is not something you are going to find at a large firm or a typical business work environment.

With fewer people comes more responsibility and work. To me, this is not a negative. It is an opportunity for me to make more executive decisions and put my stamp on the work that goes out of our office.

Terpening Law prides itself on setting the bar high and exceeding our clients’ expectations. That motto has turned into a lifestyle for me. I am constantly trying to better my work and myself as a person in my daily life. That is what working at this firm has taught me. My next step is to help others who may have questions or concerns about working in this profession, and/or working at a small law firm.

If you have questions, reach out to me! Visit our website at www.terpeninglaw.com for contact info, or if you just want to see five cool but quirky people working their socks off to make the legal world a better place.

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