North Carolina Superior Court Litigation

We litigate a wide range of civil and criminal cases in the North Carolina State Courts.

Although Terpening Law was born to litigate challenging federal court matters, our lawyers are experience and effective in every forum. We have decades of experience in North Carolina’s State Courts, including Mecklenburg County Superior Court. Recent criminal and civil successes for our clients in North Carolina’s Superior Courts include:

  • Persuading Mecklenburg County District Attorney to drop embezzlement charges against our client during the very early stages of the case.
  • Persuading a Wake County Superior Court Judge to issue a protective order, over the North Carolina Department of Revenue’s strenuous objection, ensuring the confidentiality of our client’s (a large multi-national retail corporation) production of sensitive tax documents.
  • Completely mitigating criminal exposure, in Mecklenburg County Superior Court, of a woman involved in the death of a cyclist.

Whether the courtroom or conference room, our advocates will efficiently and effectively tackle your most challenging criminal or civil dispute.

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