Comprehensive Criminal Defense: Pre-Indictment through Appeal

  • Compliance Planning.
  • Management of civil litigation that may give rise to criminal charges.
  • Correction of tax problems arising from failure to file returns or erroneous filings.
  • Plea Negotiations.
  • Subpoena Response.
  • Grand Jury.
  • Search Warrants.
  • FBI/SBI/SEC/DOJ/IRS Interview Requests.
  • Trials.
  • Sentencing.
  • Appeals.
  • Post-Conviction.
  • Internal Investigations.
  • Compliance.

Federal Criminal Litigation to
White Collar Federal Criminal Litigation

We Are for All Stages of Your Federal Criminal Case – In Charlotte and Nationwide

Whenever you hear from the government, you should call us to protect your rights before you do anything else.

Government agents are good at seeming to be friendly… at first. Mistakes during “informal” FBI, SEC, or IRS interviews, with responding to government subpoenas, or in handling the execution of a search warrant at your home or place of business can lead to misunderstandings with the government, or worse.  Early issues can make it much more difficult to favorably resolve criminal cases later.  Thus, we encourage prospective clients to contact us when they first hear from federal authorities.

In similar fashion, there is significant value to policing your own company before the federal authorities become involved. In this era, all companies should consider implementing a plan that ensures their compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to them. And when companies see any sign that they or their employees may have violated any applicable law or regulation, whether intentionally or not, they should investigate internally to assess and resolve the issue before outside authorities become involved.

We have significant experience assisting companies that deal proactively with these issues and are available to discuss ways that your company could benefit from a compliance plan. Because we have litigated so many criminal and civil business fraud cases, we have learned where problems can arise. This unique perspective will help us develop a comprehensive and thoughtful “real world” compliance plan for you, or to lead internal investigations that get to the root problem expeditiously and efficiently.

Finally, and unfortunately, defendants are convicted in federal court much more often than not.  If you have been convicted and would like to have new attorneys review your case, Terpening Law attorneys have significant experience with federal appeals and post-conviction litigation.

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