Regulatory Investigations & Litigation

We can protect your rights early in the investigation only if you call us early on!

Defense of complete IRS (tax), SEC (securities), DOJ, FBI, and other criminal authorities and regulators is best managed when you retain experienced counsel at your first notice of the investigation – before you talk with agents and before you give them any documents.

Our efforts to protect you during the investigation can yield immeasurable benefits during later litigation or after an indictment – or even alleviate an indictment or litigation altogether through early education of investigators about the real facts.

We Can Help With:

  • Search Warrants.
  • Subpoenas for Testimony or Documents.
  • Federal Grand Jury Proceedings.
  • FINRA Investigations.
  • SEC Investigations.
  • Licensing Board Investigations (e.g. North Carolina Real Estate Commission, North Carolina Medial Board).
  • IRS Investigations, Including Criminal Tax Investigations.

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We are a comprehensive solution to your litigation, providing a 360 degree approach to protect your interests.

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