Traditional Crimes

At Terpening Law, we believe that the best criminal defense lawyers do not just focus on a specific area.

We are skilled in all areas of “crisis management,” which can call for litigation in a wide variety of criminal areas.

We handle all criminal matters in federal and state court. Although we are best known for defense of professionals, executives, and their businesses, we often take high-stakes federal and state drug, bank robbery, prostitution, or other “traditional” criminal cases. We believe this conditions us to think flexibly, and is part of the Terpening Law Formula that gives us an edge over attorneys at bigger law firms who practice only within a narrow area.  Taking traditional criminal cases keeps us in the courtroom, where we belong, improving our skills for our clients.

As well as handling traditional crimes like gun, drug, and prostitution offenses lets us help our executive and professional clients even on those same accessories where their mistakes are not so “white collar.”

Finally, handling traditional criminal cases is consistent with the Firm’s mission of representing the broadest possible spectrum of the community.

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We are a comprehensive solution to your litigation, providing a 360 degree approach to protect your interests.

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