Trials and Appeals

In a day and age where people rarely try cases… We are the opposite, and the exception. We are trial lawyers.

We encourage our clients to fight it out in the courtroom, when it makes sense.

The Terpening Team has experience in both state and federal trials. From federal fraud trials to bankruptcy business court trials, we are experienced in every avenue. We can help you if your trial is a month away or a year away. We are equipped to handle quick trial prep and know the ins and outs of the courtroom. Don’t worry about being fearless, we are fearless for you.

Since the birth of the firm, our attorneys have been a part of the CJA panel of attorneys. This is where we are able to stand up for clients who are facing, arguably, the worst situation possible. They are in a lot of trouble and they don’t have the money to hire a quality attorney. This is where we have represented countless people on trial and appeal.

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We are a comprehensive solution to your litigation, providing a 360 degree approach to protect your interests.

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