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Charlotte Federal Court Trial Lawyers: Practice Areas

Federal Civil Litigation

Many of the same skills that make us respected federal criminal defense lawyers contribute to our unique skill set in federal civil cases. Foremost is this: We are in federal court often. Many of the large-firm litigators who are our adversaries are just that: litigators only. Which is to say, tacticians who are good with paper litigation outside of the court room. We are skilled in both areas: we appear regularly in federal court for trials and hearings, but are respected writers and negotiators when the case calls for a solid brief or out of court resolution. We will solve your case through thought and hard work, but we love to go to trial when that is in your best interest.

As you would expect, much of federal civil litigation is related to, similar to, or a reflection of our white collar criminal litigation. Some illustrative areas include:

    • Litigating business fraud cases, both for plaintiffs and defendants.
    • Civil tax litigation with the Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service (including a substantial victory after non-jury bench trial in a multi-million dollar payroll withholding IRS case).
    • Securities litigation, including securities matters with the SEC and private plaintiffs.
    • Favorably settled with a large, national pharmaceutical company in a race discrimination case.

We will not be out-prepared or out-worked. We’re trial-ready and trial-experienced. And we will treat you like our “partner,” keeping you constantly informed and always ready for your call as we work together for the best result.