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Charlotte Federal Court Trial Lawyers: Practice Areas

Unusual Cases & Crisis Management

Whether because of our broad expertise in both criminal and civil litigation, our experience dealing with the authorities, our academic and professional background, or perhaps simply because of our reputation and track record, our firm is often called upon in such times of crisis. We regularly receive calls from other lawyers, professionals, and businesses with “unusual” legal problems that do not “fit” with other law firms. We can help with immediate triage, calm the situation down, develop a plan for resolution, and then execute that plan.

Examples of crisis calls or “unusual problem” calls we manage and solve:

    • Financial professional contacts us because a family member is involved in a fatal auto accident and is criminally charged. We immediately control the situation and manage both civil and criminal aspects of the case for favorable settlement and resolution to the criminal case.
    • CEO contacts us late on a Friday afternoon because his company is wrongfully terminating and making false defamatory statements about him. Negotiations undertaken over the weekend and situation resolved by Monday.
    • University student contacts us on Fourth of July because FBI is trying to question his alleged links to terrorism and role in bank robbery. We are off the lake and protecting improper attempts to interview him in jail that holiday afternoon and defending him in court the next day.
    • Wealthy executive arrested at airport after being caught with a gun going through security while flying commercial when accustomed to flying private. We immediately responded to get the charges dropped and the executive was able to retain their flight privileges.
    • Bank executives departing bank are falsely accused by bank of misappropriating trade secrets. We stand up to bank, which drops claims, so our clients can proceed with their careers.