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We Are Terpening Law

Our Philosophy

Established in 2016, we are recognized for white collar criminal defense, securities fraud and tax trials, and other complicated litigation against the Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, Securities and Exchange Commission, and other government agencies and departments. We are also recognized for complex civil business litigation and trials in Federal Court and North Carolina Business Court for Charlotte’s executives, professionals, and their businesses. In addition, we have become their go-to firm for crisis management, including government investigations, employer-employee disputes, investor and shareholder issues, and business divorces.

In all of these matters, we are guided by a time-tested philosophy. We listen to and collaborate with the client. We keep them informed and have them inform us. We fight, if necessary, until long after what other lawyers would say is the bitter end – and then we win when others may not have. We are thoughtful. We are efficient, but we never cut corners. We care about your cases as much as you do. We write well. We speak well, and we speak truth to power. We solve the entire problem.

And we have a traditional – even “old fashioned” – law firm philosophy, too often forgotten in the era of big corporate law firms, that a law firm exists primarily to help all people fight the complete panoply of injustices. Thus, while our core client base is executives, professionals, and their businesses, we do a meaningful number of cases where we represent indigent clients in a wide variety of criminal matters, and of pro bono cases for civil clients.

What We Stand For

We were educated at top schools. We clerked for federal judges. We were trained at, and then managed, excellent national law firms. We were mentored by some of the best lawyers in the business. We bring to your matter the perfectionism and quality that you would expect from that background. We go beyond it.

In an era where litigators try few cases, we are known for our experience and skill in the courtroom, and we enjoy taking the case to trial when it best suits the client’s interests. We take on a small number of cases so that we can devote proper focus to your case. We constantly are accessible and responsive. We are energetic yet thoughtful and creative, and our core value is getting the problem solved so that you can get on with your business and your life.