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What Makes Terpening Law Different?

Longstanding Local Roots in the Federal United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte, Asheville, and Statesville Divisions.

Although our practice is national, our roots in the federal court in Charlotte make us a strong, experienced choice if you need expertise in Charlotte Federal Court. Will Terpening began his career as a law clerk for the Honorable Graham C. Mullen, who was then the Chief Judge of the United States District Court in Charlotte. Since then, he has litigated nearly 200 cases of all kinds in in the federal courts of Western North Carolina, alone, as well as dozens of cases elsewhere. 

Old School Work Ethic.

Like many men and women of their generation, Will Terpening was raised by parents and then mentored by older lawyers who got up early in the morning and worked a full and productive day at the office no matter what. They never phoned it in. They always demanded the best of themselves. That is how we are for you. We show up every day, all day, and we work tirelessly for you.  

Love For What We Do.

There is a stereotype about miserable lawyers. We are not them. We love what we do. We practice with creativity and energy, because we love it. Will Terpening left the large national law firms, notwithstanding succeeding at them and enjoying leadership roles in them, because he wanted to create a new, different, and fresh kind of law firm with traditional values of passion for law, hard work, and service. Our love and excitement for what we do for you shows in our efforts, approach, and results. Try us and see. 


Some other law firms brag about how mean and aggressive they are. They think bullying, screaming, and yelling will get the job done. They have that one note to play only. We can be aggressive when we need to be – just ask around. But we pride ourselves on our relationships with other lawyers, including opposing counsel and the judiciary. Often, collaboration gets the job done most efficiently, and relationships matter for that. Stepping back and thinking about your case, so we can help you in a wise, informed, and intelligent fashion matters too. You want a law firm with a broad and strong set of tools, not a bone-headed bully. 

We Care. About Everyone.

We are proud of the fact that our firm has always served a broad spectrum of the public. Many of our clients are business executives and owners; financial and securities professionals; businesses ranging from small and mid-sized local companies to national, public entities; and legal, real estate, and medical professionals. But we are proud that our client base also includes people from every other walk of life, and that our work includes extensive work for indigent people. 

Experience and Education.

Lead partner Will Terpening graduated with honors from an Ivy League university (Brown University), then received law and other post-graduate degrees from Duke University. He then fulfilled a prestigious clerkship for a federal judge and has since focused his practice on federal court in Charlotte and Atlanta for over two decades. He has tried numerous cases to a jury in federal court. He has a good working relationship with the federal prosecutors and judges in Charlotte, Asheville, and Statesville. He knows how to get your case favorably resolved before indictment, lawsuit, or trial when it will benefit you or your business, but he can try your case in a courtroom with the best of them. In addition to other credentials, he is a board certified specialist in federal criminal law. His associate attorneys have similar credentials, including degrees from schools like New York University and advanced degrees.  


Terpening Law is ready to discuss your case when you are. You will have our cell phone numbers. You can call lead partner Will Terpening any time. If you don’t abuse it, you can call, text, and email us nights and weekends and expect a prompt response. We want to keep you informed, and we want to have your input. We are in your case together. You want proof? Call Will right now. He will screen your call, but call you back as soon as he hears your message and sees that you are someone in need of legal services and not an annoying telemarketer (don’t call if you’re trying to sell him something, please). (704) 942-7979


So much of the successful practice of law requires strong writing ability. We understand that, as much as love the federal courtroom, the minds of judges and other decisionmakers are often made up by legal briefs, letters, memoranda, visual presentations, and even emails. Our lawyers have advanced degrees in English and other writing-focused subjects. Will Terpening, for instance, has a Master’s in English from Duke University. Further, writing ability reflects thinking organization. Select a lawyer who writes well. 

Big Picture Vision.

Because our lawyers are equally strong in federal civil and federal criminal litigation, we are well suited to challenging “parallel proceedings” — cases in which our clients are being simultaneously attacked by private parties in a civil matter, regulators, and criminal authorities. It takes broad experience to see the big picture in such matters, and at Terpening Law, we have that perspective.